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Mayor Ginther Responds To Supreme Court Rulings on LGBTQ+ Rights, Student Loans

Friday, June 30, 2023 CONTACT: Cameron Keir | [email protected] | 614-359-5346

Columbus, OH — This morning, the United State Supreme Court once again ruled to strip your rights, taking a conservative stance on the First Amendment and issuing a ruling against student loan forgiveness. In the first ruling, the high court allowed businesses to discriminate directly against protected classes of Columbus neighbors, specifically the LGBTQ+ community. In the second ruling, the Supreme Court disenfranchised millions of hardworking families, striking down a plan to reduce student loan debt. Following the rulings, Mayor Andrew Ginther issued the following statement pledging to continue to fight for all Columbus neighbors through his reelection campaign:    

Another day, another disastrous series of rulings from the Supreme Court, aimed directly at our most vulnerable of Columbus neighbors. Mayor Ginther remains undeterred in ensuring Columbus families have every opportunity available to them, no matter where they live, work, or how they identify. Student loans are a major reason that Columbus partnered with Columbus State Community College to offer a path to higher education to those that dream of it.  Additionally, Columbus proudly supports all diverse communities and is home to anyone that wants to live here. Mayor Ginther will fight day and night to make sure America’s Opportunity City is able to provide opportunities to all,said Ginther campaign spokesperson Cameron Keir.  


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