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Common Sense Gun Safety

When it comes to gun safety, we need solutions. It is time for lawmakers to put aside ideological differences and implement change that will save lives.

Nine of our neighbors in Dayton lost their livesin yet another mass shooting. Closer to home, we know that the overwhelming majority of homicides in our city are committed with firearms.

We’re leveraging our strength as a city to advocate for closing the loop on background checks and the passage of Safety Protection Orders.

We are providing protections for victims of domestic violence – with no exceptions for intimate partner violence.

We’ve spearheaded efforts to keep imitation firearms off the streets and out of the hands of minors.

We’ve added violent felonies to the nuisance code, allowing the city attorney to shut down properties that are a magnet for felony violence.

We’ve prohibited firearm sale in areas that are zoned as residential.

As a city, we have legal limits on the Common Sense Gun Safety Legislation we can enact. We need to work together to find and support a common-ground, bipartisan legislation that protects our kids, our families, our churches, our domestic violence victims, and our neighborhoods.


Birth to Five

Every baby in every neighborhood deserves a chance to celebrate their first birthday – and beyond. Infant mortality – especially in the African-American community – remains a complex problem without simple solutions.

CelebrateOne and all of our health partners,sleep ambassadors and home visitors are continuing their work, saving babies in Columbus.

The learning and socialization that happens at the earliest age has the most impact.

We are working on developing a plan to support children aged 3-4 before they enter Kindergarten. Countless studies have shown that when children attend high-quality early childhood programs, they’re less likely to be retained in a grade level and more likely to graduate high school.

I know that with public and private partnerships we will become a national leader and a model in the Birth to 5 space.


Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing is a very important issue in a growing city like ours.

Earlier this year, voters passed the 2019 Bond Package, which secured historic funding for Neighborhood Development and Housing that’s Affordable for Columbus Families.

We are focused on making sure families can stay in their homes as the city grows, instead of being priced out and forced to leave their neighborhoods.

We’ve been able to leverage a 100 million dollar investment from the private sector county-wide as a result of the committed 2019 bond funds.

We’ve launched the city’s first study into our incentives program in order to make sure the incentives are as effective as possible. We’re limiting tax abatements and tying them to housing that is affordable for working families.

We’ve piloted our Land Trust program, which permanently maintains affordability in a given neighborhood and ensures that we’re sustaining neighborhoods that are in the process of revitalization.

There isn’t just one answer to this issue, but we’re working to find the best solutions for Columbus families.