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Mayor Ginther Fights For Reproductive Rights As Ohio Marks Anniversary of The Fall of Roe

Saturday, June 24, 2023 CONTACT: Cameron Keir | [email protected] | 614-359-5346

Columbus, OH — Today is a solemn anniversary across Ohio and the nation, as we mark the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. With federal protections for reproductive health care including abortion no longer guaranteed, the fight for a woman’s right to choose now stands with the states. As he has for decades, Mayor Ginther remains committed to ensuring a woman’s right to choose, a choice that should be between her, her family and her physician, not controlled by radical lawmakers at the state or federal levels. 

“Mayor Andrew Ginther stands with Ohio women, guaranteeing their right to choose under Ohio law. He firmly believes every Ohioan should have access to a safe and affordable abortion if that is their choice. Despite increasing pressure from a radical few at the state and federal levels who think they know better than a majority of Ohio women and their doctors, the Mayor knows Ohio cannot go back to a place where safe reproductive care is not guaranteed. Team Ginther looks forward to working with Democratic leadership to ensure the will of Ohio voters on access to reproductive rights is heard loud and clear,” said Ginther Campaign spokesperson Cameron Keir. 

Mayor Ginther remains staunchly opposed to efforts aimed to keep reproductive rights off the ballot, including this August’s special election to raise the threshold to amend Ohio’s Constitution. That’s why he recently endorsed Columbus neighbors’ vote NO on Issue 1. If Columbus neighbors haven’t done so already, Mayor Ginther also strongly urges them to sign a petition to ensure reproductive rights are on the ballot this November. 


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