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Mayor Andrew Ginther Urges Columbus To Vote NO on Issue 1, Sign The Reproductive Rights Petition

Wednesday, May 17, 2023 CONTACT: Cameron Keir | [email protected] | 614-359-5346

Columbus, OH — Today, Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther urged Columbus voters to reject the wishes of radical state lawmakers by voting NO on Issue 1 during the upcoming August Special election. Issue 1 would change Ohio law, making it harder for Ohioans to amend the Constitution. Through his reelection campaign, Mayor Ginther made it clear that the August election is little more than a political power grab, aimed at keeping a woman’s right to choose off the November ballot. 

“Radical state lawmakers broke their own laws and created an expensive, confusing special election just to try and raise the threshold to amend the Constitution. They did this to stop us because they know they’re wrong on abortion. So today, I join a growing group of bipartisan past and present Ohio leaders endorsing Columbus neighbors to vote NO on Issue One on August 8th,” said Mayor Ginther. 

Mayor Ginther made the endorsement as he joined Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights and its campaign, Protect Choice Ohio. In addition to voting this August, the Mayor asks Columbus neighbors to sign petitions demanding reproductive rights are on the ballot this November. Ohio’s 11th District Representative, Dr. Anita Somani, also joined the Mayor in the call for changes to Ohio law, saying issues including reproductive rights and health care are exactly why she ran for the state legislature. 

“We know not every patient wants to consider abortion. But I along with a majority of Ohioans believe it should be a choice that is made in an exam room or at home and not at the Statehouse. Allowing Ohio’s draconian abortion law to remain on the books means as a doctor my hands are tied when it comes to providing the full range of care to patients who ask for it because radical lawmakers think they know better than physicians,” said Dr. Somani.  

Since Roe v. Wade was overturned by the United States Supreme Court last summer, Ohioans have demanded their voices be heard, calling for a choice on abortion access. Polling shows a majority of Ohioans support enshrining abortion rights in the Ohio Constitution. 

“The overturn of Roe and Ohio’s adoption of a near-total ban on abortion plunged Ohio into a medical crisis that put our lives, health, safety, and bodily autonomy at risk. We must restore and protect reproductive freedom by passing this amendment,” said Dr. Jason Sayat.

This November, Ohioans will have that choice, if enough signatures are collected to place an amendment to Ohio’s Constitution on the ballot. 

“Amending the constitution will enable patients to obtain the medical care they need here at home in Ohio, instead of being forced to travel to other states. It will allow women to make reproductive healthcare decisions with the advice and support of their families and their doctors, free from interference by politicians and government,” said Dr. Elise Berlan.

Mayor Andrew Ginther firmly believes every Ohioan should have access to the full range of reproductive health care options under Ohio law. That’s exactly why he has been and will continue to be a staunch supporter of codifying reproductive rights in Ohio’s Constitution.


About Protect Choice Ohio: Protect Choice Ohio is a non-partisan, grassroots network committed to protecting reproductive freedom in the state of Ohio. Our growing coalition of more than 2,200 Ohio doctors, allied medical professionals, business leaders, respected advocacy groups, and concerned individuals are committed to: Ensuring that Ohioans have access to safe, legal, equitable, and comprehensive reproductive medical care including abortion, and enabling all people to make reproductive healthcare decisions free from government interference.

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