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Mayor Ginther: “Reproductive Health Should Remain Between A Woman And Her Doctor”

Wednesday, September 27, 2023 CONTACT: Cameron Keir | [email protected] | 614-359-5346

Columbus, OH — Today, the Ohio Supreme Court once again bent to the wishes of out-of-touch Ohio Republicans, hearing a court case that could reinstate Ohio’s extreme six-week abortion ban. Right now, Ohio’s draconian law remains on hold after a Hamilton County judge ruled the law unconstitutional, further solidifying the crucial statewide vote on a constitutional amendment codifying reproductive rights this fall. In response to the case, Mayor Ginther’s reelection campaign issued the following statement on his behalf:   

Today the extremist Ohio Republican Legislators again tried to strip a woman’s right to choose reproductive freedom through the Ohio Supreme Court. Decisions regarding reproductive health should remain between a woman and her doctor — hard stop. This six-week abortion ban is opposed by 68% of Ohioans. Mayor Ginther strongly urges Columbus neighbors to support Issue 1 and vote for reproductive freedom this fall,” said Ginther campaign spokesperson Cameron Keir.  

Mayor Ginther is a lifelong supporter of reproductive freedom, including abortion access, and will never stop fighting for women’s rights. This Saturday, Mayor Ginther will join Ohio Legislative Leadership and Franklin County Democrats for a Yes on Issue 1 Day Of Action! The campaign will have additional logistical information on that event later this week.  


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