The Vision

Building a Stronger Columbus

Andrew Ginther is committed to honoring our past success by investing in the future. He believes that, working together, we can build a stronger Columbus.

Standing Up for Every Child

As Andrew Ginther left a community service forum on his daughter’s third birthday, he was deeply moved by a startling statistic – that year, 150 Columbus families would lose a child before his/her first birthday. That night, Andrew resolved to lead the fight against an unacceptable infant mortality crisis.

Andrew created the Greater Columbus Infant Mortality Task Force to reduce infant mortality rates 40% by 2020. Under Andrew’s leadership, Columbus is coming together to tackle infant mortality by fighting poverty, improving women’s health, improving reproductive health planning, improving prenatal care for high-risk families, setting the highest standards for perinatal care, reducing smoking, promoting safe sleep, and holding ourselves accountable for results.

Andrew also joined Mayor Coleman in making unprecedented investments in early childhood education. He will continue to support reforms in Columbus schools to provide access to a quality education.

As mayor, Andrew Ginther will lift up every child in every neighborhood – fighting poverty, investing in early childhood education, and supporting school reforms.

Hiring More Police and Firefighters

Andrew Ginther worked with Mayor Coleman to balance the last nine city budgets, while putting more police and firefighters in our neighborhoods. Andrew has also led efforts to build stronger relationships between police and the community.

Andrew is making sure Columbus police and firefighters have the resources they need to protect Columbus families and businesses. Andrew championed critical crime prevention strategies, including the Columbus Police Summer Strike Force, Community Crime Patrol, APPS, and Crime Stoppers.

Andrew is also providing the Columbus Division of Fire with life-saving tools, including thermal imaging cameras and new fire engines, medics and ladder trucks. He drafted anti-scrap metal theft legislation that provided the foundation for a new state law. He helped purchase warning sirens to alert residents during severe weather events and safety cameras to protect Columbus neighborhoods.

As mayor, Andrew Ginther will keep building a safer Columbus.

Leading the Jobs Center of the Midwest

Andrew Ginther helped create and retain thousands of jobs in Columbus. Under his leadership, Columbus has recovered from the Great Recession faster than any other big city in Ohio. Today, Columbus has the lowest unemployment in Ohio and the Midwest, with more people working than any time in the last decade.

Andrew Ginther understands that we need good jobs with fair wages. As Council President, he passed new city contracting requirements that are saving taxpayers money, growing the local economy, and ensuring better wages and benefits for workers. Andrew is making sure the companies that build our sidewalks and pave our roads have to offer health insurance, retirement benefits, and training for their workers. In fact, more workers have access to insurance, pension, and quality training today because of Andrew Ginther’s leadership.

As mayor, Andrew Ginther will use responsible incentives to attract new businesses throughout Columbus.

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