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“For as great as Columbus is today, I believe that our best days are still ahead and our future is brighter than ever before.” – Andrew Ginther.

Leadership that Works

As president of Columbus City Council, Andrew Ginther has worked together with labor, business, faith, and community leaders to promote opportunities for every person in every neighborhood.

Andrew’s strong, independent leadership has led the fight to end childhood hunger and reduce infant mortality, while investing in early childhood education. Andrew’s goal is to lift up every child.


Working with Mayor Coleman, Andrew is transforming Columbus into the jobs center of the Midwest. Thousands of good-paying jobs have been created and retained throughout Columbus. Under Andrew’s leadership, more Columbus residents are working today than any time in the last decade.

Andrew is also putting more police and firefighters in our neighborhoods to keep us safe. A champion of the Community Crime Patrol and the anti-gang APPS program, Andrew supports new solutions to fight crime.

In today’s era of “top ten” and “best of” lists, Andrew’s focused on leadership that gets results, leading Columbus to be named the “best opportunity city in the nation for all people to succeed and enjoy a high quality of life.”

As a candidate for mayor, Andrew Ginther is endorsed by Mayor Michael B. Coleman and over 50 public servants from across Columbus. Andrew also received the unanimous endorsement of the Franklin County Democratic Party.

Family and Community Service

A Columbus native and graduate of Whetstone High, Andrew lives in Clintonville with his wife, Shannon, and their young daughter. Growing up, Andrew Ginther’s parents opened their home to fifty foster children, who were as diverse as our city. Andrew knows that that every child, no
matter where they’re starting out, deserves the opportunity to succeed in Columbus.

Andrew has a long history of public service. Andrew is currently president of Columbus City Council and founder of the Greater Columbus Infant Mortality Taskforce. He is currently Vice President of Community Affairs & Outreach for Children’s Hunger Alliance where he advocates
for programs and strategies to help break the cycle of childhood hunger. Prior to joining Columbus City Council in 2007, he help uncover waste and fraud in city schools from 2001 to 2007.

Andrew earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Earlham College. While at Earlham, he studied peace and conflict resolution at the University of Ulster and Queen’s College in Northern Ireland and taught at public schools in Belfast and Derry. He also served in consecutive internships at the Carter Presidential Center in Atlanta, Georgia, where he taught non-violence and dispute resolution to school children in the most dangerous parts of the city.

What’s Next in 2016?

As mayor, Andrew Ginther will build on our city’s success by investing in the future. With a fresh vision and commitment to doing what’s right not what’s politically easy, Andrew will be a mayor for all of Columbus.

Andrew will help create good jobs with fair wages – fighting for the little girls and boys who don’t have enough to eat even though their parents are working hard and playing by the rules.

Andrew will tackle poverty in our city – fighting for the neighborhoods where the Great Recession came too soon and can’t leave soon enough.

Andrew will put more police and firefighters to work – fighting for families who want to raise their children in safe neighborhoods with good schools.

As mayor, Andrew Ginther will join every person in the fight for a stronger Columbus – knowing that there is no challenge before us that we cannot solve if we work together.

You can help. Get involved today.

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Andy Ginther is proud to have the support of men and women from across our great city. Check out a full list of Andy’s supporters today!

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