Meet Andrew

“For as great as Columbus is today, I believe that our best days are still ahead and our future is brighter than ever before.” – Andrew Ginther.

Since his election as Columbus’ 53rd mayor on November 3, 2015, Mayor Andrew J. Ginther has worked with determination and passion to expand opportunity for every person in every neighborhood.

For Mayor Ginther, this work is personal. He’s a proud product of Columbus City School – Brentnell, Indianola, Dominion, and Whetstone. He’s the son of a social worker, grandson of a union organizer, brother to 47 foster brothers and sisters, husband of an amazing advocate for gender equity, and father to a girl who is a daily reminder of why we we’re working together to build America’s Opportunity City.

By most any measure, our city is a beacon of diversity, inclusion, and opportunity.

But that’s not true for everyone.

Mayor Ginther knows firsthand the ladders of opportunities in our diverse city.

Growing up in Columbus, he also saw too many of his friends whose parents worked just as hard, had just as much potential, and believed in the American Dream just as much as his family… but those ladders of opportunity remained out of reach.

Mayor Ginther believes we have a responsibility—a moral obligation – to invest in people, families and neighborhoods that haven’t shared in our success.

That’s what Andrew Ginther has done as your mayor because where you live shouldn’t limit your opportunities.

Under Mayor Ginther’s leadership, we’re policing differently and working to reduce violent crime in our neighborhoods with the Comprehensive Neighborhood Safety Strategy. This strategy includes expanding neighborhood bike patrols, and more anti-discrimination, mental health first aid, and cultural competency training for officer…

We’re limiting tax abatements after conducting the city’s first objective, third party review of city incentive programs. Thanks to that work, we’re tying them to housing that’s affordable for working families.

We’re working to keep guns out of the wrong hands with the most comprehensive local gun regulations in the state. And we’re continuing to push the state to finally pass common sense gun laws in Ohio.

We’re cracking down on dark money in politics, forcing SuperPACs and other independent expenditure campaigns to disclose where they get their money and how they spend it to influence our elections. We’re also creating the first campaign contribution limits in our city’s history. The city is also implementing a tax credit for small donations to local candidates, allowing more people to be a part of our democracy.

Mayor Andrew Ginther is running for re-election to continue building America’s Opportunity City!

Mayor Ginther is a Columbus native and proud Columbus City Schools graduate, and he has a long history of community service. Prior to joining Columbus City Council, he was elected to the Columbus Board of Education in 2001 and re-elected in 2005.

Mayor Ginther earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in political science from Earlham College, studied abroad at the University of Ulster and Queen’s College in Northern Ireland, and taught at public schools in Belfast and Derry. He also served in consecutive internships at the Carter Presidential Center in Atlanta, where he taught non-violence and dispute resolution.

Mayor Ginther, wife Shannon and their young daughter live in Clintonville.

You can help. Get involved today.