As a member and President of Columbus City Council, Andy Ginther has worked collaboratively to play a key role in creating and retaining thousands of jobs, strengthening neighborhoods and improving the quality of life for children and families throughout Columbus.

A member of Council since 2007, Andy has served as the chair of Finance & Economic Development and Public Safety committees, and as a member of almost every other council committee. As the Finance & Economic Development Committee chair, Andy helped drive unprecedented investment in economic development that resulted in the announcement of at least 8,000 jobs new to Columbus. In 2010, the City’s economic development efforts equated to $155 million in new payroll. Every $1 spent on economic development netted over $65 in private investment and over $3 of tax revenue. In addition to creating jobs, Andy has joined Mayor Michael Coleman and other elected leaders in pushing for changes in how the City does business aimed at reducing costs to taxpayers. Through the collective bargaining process, the City has successfully negotiated reduced health care, workers compensation and pension expenses that will result in total savings of at least $119 million through 2019.

Deeply moved as a loving father and husband, Andy recently initiated and led a citywide Infant Mortality Task Force to bring attention and action to reduce the rate of infant deaths, especially in Columbus’ economically challenged households. His task force brought together doctors, nurses, hospital and health administrators, insurance companies, educators and parents to gather information to better direct programs and resources to improve infant health and survival. Andy believes the best measure of our quality of life is the health and safety of our neighborhoods. As Public Safety Chair, he worked alongside Mayor Coleman to ensure that Columbus Police Officers and Firefighters have the resources they need to protect Columbus families and businesses. Andy has championed critical crime prevention strategies, including the Columbus Police Summer Strike Force, Community Crime Patrol and Crime Stoppers. Fighting for additional funding for bulletproof vests, police vehicles, and new technology, he has helped Columbus Police work smarter and harder. Andy also sponsored legislation to provide the Columbus Division of Fire with life-saving tools, including turnout gear, thermal imaging cameras and new fire engines, medics and ladder trucks. He also secured funding to purchase warning sirens to alert residents during severe weather events, and is an advocate for safety cameras in Columbus neighborhoods. He also drafted ground-breaking anti-scrap metal theft legislation that became the model for municipalities across the nation, and which provided the foundation for a new state law.In 2016, Andy Ginther will remain focused on the City’s aggressive job creation efforts and investing in the core City services that contribute to our high quality of life, business expansion and job growth. He believes that investment in public safety and our neighborhoods can continue to create new employment opportunities for our residents..

A Columbus native who lives in Clintonville with his wife, Shannon, and their young daughter, Andy has long been committed to serving the citizens of Columbus. In today’s era of “top ten” and “best of” lists, Andy is proud of his role that led Forbes to name Columbus the “best opportunity city in the nation for all people to succeed and enjoy a high quality of life.”

Andy has a long history of community service. Prior to joining Columbus City Council, he was elected to the Columbus Board of Education in 2001 and re-elected in 2005. He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in political science from Earlham College. While at Earlham, he studied peace and conflict resolution at the University of Ulster and Queen’s College in Northern Ireland and taught at public schools in Belfast and Derry. He also served in consecutive internships at the Carter Presidential Center in Atlanta, Georgia, where he taught non-violence and dispute resolution to school children in the most dangerous parts of the city. Andy is currently Vice President of Community Affairs & Outreach for Children’s Hunger Alliance where he advocates for programs and strategies to help break the cycle of childhood hunger.