Gun Safety

Gun Safety in Columbus

When it comes to gun safety, we need real solutions right now. It is long past time for lawmakers to put aside ideological differences and implement change that will save lives. It’s time to #dosomething.

Nine of our neighbors in Dayton lost their lives in yet another mass shooting. Closer to home, we know that the overwhelming majority of homicides in our city are committed with firearms. Something has to change and we aren’t going anywhere until it does!

The state legislature has severely limited the Common Sense Gun Safety Legislation we can enact. When my administration pushed for laws that mirror federal weapons laws, the General Assembly moved at lightening speed to shut down those basic protections for our kids, our families, our churches, our domestic violence victims, and our neighborhoods.

It’s Time for Real Gun Safety

This is where you come in. We need to advocate together for common sense gun safety laws that the vast majority of Ohioans — including gun owners — demand.

We’re leveraging our strength as a city to advocate for closing the loop on background checks and the passage of Safety Protection Orders.

We are providing protections for victims of domestic violence – with no exceptions for intimate partner violence.

We’ve spearheaded efforts to keep imitation firearms off the streets and out of the hands of minors.

We’ve added violent felonies to the nuisance code, allowing the city attorney to shut down properties that are a magnet for felony violence.

We’ve prohibited firearm sale in areas that are zoned as residential.

Take Action Today

We must pass common-sense gun legislation to make our families and children safe. Call the Franklin County delegates listed below to demand action. #DoSomething

Ohio Senate: Franklin County
Andrew O. Brenner: (614) 466-8086
Hearcel Craig: (614) 466-5131
Stephanie Kunze: (614) 466-5981
Tina Maharath: (614) 466-8064

Ohio House of Representatives: Franklin County
Adam C. Miller: (614) 644-6005
Kristin Boggs: (614) 466-1896
Mary Lightbody: (614) 466-4847
Richard D. Brown: (614) 644-6002
Beth Liston: (614) 644-6030
David Leland: (614) 466-2473
Laura Lanese: (614) 466-9690
C. Allison Russo: (614) 466-8012
Bernadine Kennedy Kent: (614) 466-5343
Erica C. Crawley: (614) 466-8010