A plea agreement between federal investigators and lobbyist John Raphael filed in court today completely vindicates Andy Ginther. Ginther previously stated he was not a subject, target, or person of interest in the case. Ginther joined over a dozen others who provided records to help the investigation.

Watch Andy Ginther’s full press statement here.

According to court documents, John Raphael acted alone and is charged with misleading Redflex executives about city contracts to extort money from the company. Mr. Raphael’s plea does not include any conspiracy, meaning he admits to acting alone, with no knowledge of his actions on the parts of elected officials. There were no bribes or attempted bribes, or public corruption, as evidenced by Mr. Raphael’s plea.

Previously, a former Redflex executive pled guilty to conspiracy to attempt to commit bribery. She was guilty because she believed Redflex money would be used to influence elected officials. By pleading to extortion, Mr. Raphael has acknowledged that he misled Ms. Finley because he had no ability or intention of impacting the award of city contracts.